Easing Nervous Energy: Tips for Speaking to Large Groups

It’s natural to experience some level of anxiety before presenting. Here’s how you to use that energy to your advantage:

  • Find a quiet space – We speak best when we harness our anxiety and/or excitement, so find a quiet area where you can be alone to focus for a few minutes.
  • Help your brain focus – Take at least 3 slow, deep breaths. To help calm your body, count to 7 as you inhale and again as you exhale.
  • See the ideal outcome – Close your eyes and envision the audience at the end of your presentation. See them smiling, clapping and reaching out to shake your hand and thank you.
  • Stretch – Nervousness makes our muscles stiffen. Stretching your mouth and jaw will prevent you from getting tongue tied.

Published by Jessica Walter, MS, APR

Speaker, Consultant, and Certified Leadership Coach

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