10 Secrets to Working the Room like a Sales Pro

Not everyone gets excited about business mixers, but they’re an excellent way to make new contacts and start valuable relationships.

  1. Pretend you’re the host of the event. Introduce yourself to others and introduce the people you’re speaking with to others.
  2. Make meaningful connections. Memorable, authentic connections are the key to making relationships that last. Try to keep moving around the room, but focus more on the quality of the conversations, not the number of people you talk to.
  3.  Get the other person to talk about themselves. This makes them feel special, and you’ll find ways you connect and relate to one another. Check the position of your feet too. If they’re pointing toward the person you’re talking to, you’ll appear to be more interested.
  4.  Have your 30-second bio ready. It’s just enough to help them understand what you do and to find a way to relate to you.
  5.  Don’t try to close the deal. Mixers are just about making the connections. Working the deal through the sales funnel comes later.
  6.  Smile. A lot. But not so much that it’s creepy or insincere. =)
  7.  Place your nametag where people can easily see it. Everyone is nervous about forgetting names.
  8.  Keep business cards handy – and lots of them.
  9.  Follow up the next day with anyone you promised to contact. Thoughtful, personal gestures are also very powerful. Did you meet someone who really loves traveling, cooking, a specific breed of dog, or has a favorite sports team? Send them an article on that topic let them know it reminded you of them.
  10. Enjoy yourself. Even a “bad” mixer is a good story the next day.


© 2016 Jessica Walter, MS, APR

All content provided here is for informational purposes only and does not necessarily reflect the opinions of any organization with which the author is involved. Although the author makes an extensive effort to provide a complete representation of facts, there may additional helpful information provided by other sources. Whenever researching your own situation or devising a strategy, it is recommended to gather information from many sources. The author sincerely hopes that you find this information helpful and urges you to be inspired, to inspire others, and to be gentle with yourself as you continue on your path.

About the Author

Jessica Walter is a Communications Strategist with a passion for inspiring companies to live into their full potential.  She’s found that the essential equation for long-term success includes Marketing, Culture, and Leader Development.

Jessica has been a marketing executive for a regional bank, a communications director for a health system, a public affairs officer for a Dept. of Defense command, and the assignment editor for a TV newsroom.

She holds a master’s degree in Leadership & Business Ethics from Duquesne University, a bachelor’s in Mass Communication from Towson University, and the Accreditation in Public Relations (APR) from the Universal Accreditation Board. She is also a Certified Lean Systems Leader.

You can reach her at Jessica.walter.apr@gmail.com.


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Speaker, Consultant, and Certified Leadership Coach

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