12 ways you can influence culture

You make decisions every day that contribute to the development of your company’s culture.

Here are 12 ways to ensure that your company’s actions are aligned with the culture you want to create.

  1. Values – This is the place to start. Values guide the way for what you want your culture to be. Define each value by listing specific behaviors that bring that value to life inside your company.
  2. Job descriptions – Be sure they attract the type of employees who can thrive in the culture you want to create.
  3. Selection process – Integrate your culture’s priorities when selecting candidates. Not everyone will fit into your culture, and that’s ok.
  4. Orientation process – Employees are more inclined to adhere to the standards of your ideal culture when they learn desired cultural behavior early on.
  5. Training – Take a look at your curriculum and ask: Is all training aligned with the goals for creating the culture we want? How are leaders developed so they can contribute to cultivating our ideal culture?
  6. Performance Evaluations – Be sure the evaluations truly provide an opportunity to emphasize desired behaviors within your ideal culture.
  7. Rewards, Feedback & Punishment – Are the right behaviors recognized as being acceptable or unacceptable?
  8. Decisions affecting customers – When making key decisions, check to be sure they reflect the way you want your culture to treat customers.
  9. Decisions affecting employees – Truly great customer service is never achieved without recognizing how essential employees are to the process. Be sure decisions are aligned with your view of employees and how they influence your culture.
  10. Strategic Plan / Priorities – Are they congruent with your culture and what you say is important? (ex: Financial Performance priority vs. Customer Satisfaction priority. They’re not always going to agree / match.)
  11. Physical design – Take a look at your employee, customer, and visitor spaces to see if they reflect the way you want your culture to treat those groups.
  12. Every action (and lack of action) – What we decide and what we allow to happen are reflections of our true priorities. Be aware of the actions of your company and its leaders to make sure they are in line with the culture you want to create.

As you bring all of these items in line with the values of your culture, you’ll begin to see an incredible transformation that can help your company boost performance. A strong culture can be a powerful competitive advantage.

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© 2016 Jessica Walter, MS, APR

All content provided here is for informational purposes only and does not necessarily reflect the opinions of any organization with which the author is involved. Although the author makes an extensive effort to provide a complete representation of facts, there may additional helpful information provided by other sources. Whenever researching your own situation or devising a strategy, it is recommended to gather information from many sources. The author sincerely hopes that you find this information helpful and urges you to be inspired, to inspire others, and to be gentle with yourself as you continue on your path.

About the Author

Jessica Walter is a Communications Strategist with a passion for inspiring companies to live into their full potential.  She’s found that the essential equation for long-term success includes Marketing, Culture, and Leader Development.

Jessica has been a marketing executive for a regional bank, a communications director for a health system, a public affairs officer for a Dept. of Defense command, and the assignment editor for a TV newsroom.

She holds a master’s degree in Leadership & Business Ethics from Duquesne University, a bachelor’s in Mass Communication from Towson University, and the Accreditation in Public Relations (APR) from the Universal Accreditation Board. She is also a Certified Lean Systems Leader.

You can reach her at Jessica.walter.apr@gmail.com.




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