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Sometimes, all it takes is a simple plan and a helping hand.

Unbeatable Results is a resource for leaders looking to reach the next level — personally or professionally.

We help leaders achieve unbeatable results through effective communication and leadership.

We’re also home to the Energizing Leadership courses and the Energy Code employer brand methodology.


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We’ll work together to define the next step and how to get you there.


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Sharing insight is our passion. We love that moment when a group of people suddenly realize they’re capable of far more than they imagined.


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We can help you find the answers you need to elevate your effectiveness and influence.

About Us

Jessica Walter, MS, APR

Speaker, Consultant, & Leadership Coach

Thomas Groft

Coach & Former 82nd Airborne Paratrooper, U.S. Army

Tips & Perspectives

How to Make Your Company Irresistible to Ideal Candidates

Using job seaker insight to create powerful recruitment strategies.

Comms Not Getting Through? Keys to Crafting Content That Captures Attention

In our study that gathered input from more than 6,000 employees spanning multiple industries, job types and geographic regions, we found the secret to capturing their attention.

“Leadership is our greatest act of service to others.”

To inspire others to follow us into the unknown — and to bring with them their best ideas and all of their energy — that requires a relationship based on service, caring, and trust.

We won’t get very far without it.